Loretta's offer a huge range of different cake designs ranging from fully iced luxury wedding cakes adorned with elegant handmade sugar flowers, custom birthday cakes specifically designed to suit the occasion or branded corporate cupcakes to impress your clients, whatever you need we’d be delighted to help.  



Choose between a variety of classes, whether you want to learn the basics of sugar craft, try your hand at some creative cupcake decorating, learn how to create and fill your own doughnuts or learn the quickest and most efficient way to decorate clean and flawlessly finished cakes, you're sure to find a class that catches your interest.  


Before getting hands on, your class will start with an informative demonstration of all you need to know, then you'll be set free to design, create and of course eat your creations yourself!

Whether you’re looking to impress your friends with some new skills or want to send delicious treats to someone for their birthday, this is a fun way to enjoy a new hobby.


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In my years of experience, I've contributed to numerous projects that helped clients achieve their cake visions. I’ve worked on everything from weddings to birthdays to quirky corporate events. See my contact information below and get in touch.


About Me

The first cake I ever made (with a lot of help from my mum) was for my stepson’s 4th birthday back in 2009, at the time I had no idea I would enjoy making cakes as much as I do now and I certainly didn’t believe that I would become this good at it. I love planning my next bakes and I’m always looking forward to putting my skills into practice.

10 years ago I had no idea about how much time and effort went into making cakes, even the smallest things like the weather or temperature could be the make or break in getting that perfect finish, not to mention the planning that goes into transporting a cake and setting it up to look perfect for people to admire and then eat.

All that time and effort and then it’s gone, and I love it!

I love standing back and seeing that finished product, doing the personal touches that personalise the cake to the customer, finding the little flaws and fixing them so the customer falls in love with my creation.

Every time someone chooses me to make a cake I get better and better, I’m incredibly thankful for every new challenge and with each new cake my passion grows further.

Just see what a difference 10 years of hard work, dedication and passion makes!




If you’d like to place an order or book a class, get in touch with me today!


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